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Where is your character formally/officially allied to?: Konoha

What or who actually holds their allegiance?: Shisui and Shirakumo. Really, her allegiance goes to the people who win her loyalty, and those are usually people who treat her like someone special.

If forced to choose between country and family, what do they choose? Why?: Country. She's a good shinobi, and a good shinobi puts the country's needs before her own.

If war breaks out, do they fight? How do they fight?: She does, and she fights ruthlessly. Primarily with cruel genjutsu and deadly earth jutsu. She also favors her kenjutsu, but it's more of a one-on-one weapon than group.

What kinds of special or unique jutsu do they possess?: The only special jutsu Sakura has are unique techniques she's come up with on her own. The most notable one at the moment is a genjutsu that induces a sleep-like state in the victim, and uses their own nightmares as the genjutsu against them, rather than creating something of her own. The experience is considered to be very intense, and due to being rooted in the victim's subconscious, difficult to break. This is currently completely unknown except to Sasuke (who experienced it once in training) and Shisui (who she mentioned the concept to once).

Do they have any special rank or title or security clearance?: Nah.

Can they straight-up be bought?: No. She appreciates money, but it has no affect on her loyalties.

What are they most willing to give up to win the war?: Her own life, probably.

What will they not do? What is their breaking point?: Betray her team or the people she respects. Put someone lower ranked than her into danger that she herself could put herself into instead. Probably having her trust betrayed by one of the people she trusts, finding out they were only feigning approval/interest.

What will get them invested in a fight? What will break their resolve?: Having something to prove, or someone to protect. It really depends on the kind of resolve that's being broken, though. Certain things would be easy to disrupt, others would not. Basically, if it aligns with her world-view to give in to something, she's much more susceptible to it, but if it defies that, it's hard to get through to her.

Who are they close with?: Her team, Team Asuma, Shisui, some of Kiba's family.

Who do they care most about?: The single person she cares most about? That's legitimately difficult to say. Shisui, Shirakumo, and Ino are all about equal in their own ways.

Who do they hate most? Why?: She doesn't hate anyone in particular.

What do they have that can be used against them?: Glaring self confidence issues, a nagging feeling that she's not a true shinobi, or just pretending.

What is most valuable (item) to your character?: Long term, the ribbon Ino gave her. More recently, the sword Shirakumo gave her.

Who is the most valuable person to your character?: Shirakumo or Shisui.

What is the most valuable ideal/concept to your character?: Duty, perhaps. At least her particular ideal and definition of it.

What do they want most? physically, emotionally, ideologically, etc: to be special to overcome her roots and find a way to become and be recognized as an amazing and stand-out shinobi. It's less to convince everyone else than to convince herself by convincing others. She wants to do something that will make her be remembered.

In summary, like it's mentioned in her profile, she can be at once really difficult to manipulate and extremely easy to. Anyone who has her loyalty can get her to do just about anything, and shape her personality to some extent. Anyone who doesn't or who fails to use the proper methods to manipulate her with, will just hit a wall.

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