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Yuffie Kisaragi

What will they not do? What is their breaking point? Where is your character formally/officially allied.
Kirigakure. It takes a lot to break her because she uses pride and determination to hide most of her pains. She will do anything if she thinks it will achieve her own goals.

What or who actually holds their allegiance
Yuffie doesn't care what is right and what is wrong. She does what she thinks is best and while she usually has good intentions they never turn out well nor does she approach things the best way. Her family and friends are important to her though she isn't afraid to tell people or face them when they are being ridiculous. She'll deal with consequences later.

If forced to choose between country and family, which do they choose? Why?
Yuffie would most likely choose her country if only because that is tied to her family. If a family member wants her to do something against her country or something she doesn't believe is right then they aren't really family.

If war breaks out, do they fight? How do they fight?
Hell yeah she fights! She will be sneaky about it but she will also make sure everyone knows that its her who is causing such mayhem.

What kinds of special or unique jutsu do they possess?
I don't thin anything unique per say. Her abilities are here.

Do they have any special rank or title or security clearance?
Yuffie is a chuunin working towards jounin though she's known as a trouble maker so it's taking her a little bit of time. No special rank or clearance. She considers herself a 'princess' though her father no longer holds his station and she wants to fix that.

Can they straight-up be bought?
Depends. Most likely not.

What are they most willing to give up to win the war?
Most anything that involves just herself; as in won't affect others.

What will they not do? What is their breaking point?
Yuffie will not leave people behind even if she doesn't like them. She will fight for what she thinks is right no matter what. Her breaking point would be losing her father or all her hope to gain what she has felt like she lost.

What will get them invested in a fight? What will break their resolve?
Yuffie enjoys fighting and finds it fun though she hasn't experienced a lot of loss when it comes to those she cares about. If she keeps losing things, people, ect. her resolve will slowly break and she will wonder if she's doing the right thing.

Who are they close with?
Yuffie doesn't really get close to people easily and she secretly cares about everyone but no one must know that.

Who do they care most about?
Her father.

Who do they hate most? Why?
Her uncle for taking her fathers place.

What do they have that can be used against them?
Her pride and greedy. She has things she wants and doesn't keep it a secret that she wants them and will do anything for them.

What is most valuable (item) to your character?
Yuffie is attached to her headband because it was a gift from her father before sending her away.

Who is the most valuable person to your character?
Most valuable? ...herself.

What is the most valuable ideal/concept to your character?
She values people who stick with their ideals no matter how crazy they might be.

What do they want most? physically, emotionally, ideologically, etc
She wants her father to regain his position. She wasn't to become the strongest thinking that it's the best way to achieve her goals. She likes treasure and adventure. Emotionally she wants acceptance.

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