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Kashima Naoki

What will they not do? What is their breaking point? Where is your character formally/officially allied.

What or who actually holds their allegiance
Naoki has very strong personal beliefs, and even his loyalty to his village, family, and friends comes second to that. If forced to choose between what he knows is right and his loyalty to hia village or anyone else, Naoki follows his own compass.

If forced to choose between country and family, which do they choose? Why?
If neither choice violates his personal belief, he chooses his country. Naoki does not accept betrayal or sacrificing others for personal gain, he believes in doing what's best for everyone, but also in allowing people the freedom to choose their own paths.

If war breaks out, do they fight? How do they fight?
Naoki definitely fights. His skills make him useful for assassinations and small squad action as well as supporting larger more aggressive or obvious actions. His summons, moths, can fly, so there are some options there too.

What kinds of special or unique jutsu do they possess?
He has the unusual chakra system that some members of his clan possess and an exceptional chakra capacity as a result. He summons moths.

Do they have any special rank or title or security clearance?
Naoki is a chuunin preparing to test for jounin, and he hangs out at the Seven Swordsmen headquarters sometimes, but no special rank or clearance. The Fourth Mizukage is his great uncle on his mother's side but they are not close.

Can they straight-up be bought?

What are they most willing to give up to win the war?
Anything that doesn't require him to compromise his personal beliefs.

What will they not do? What is their breaking point? 
Naoki will not sacrifice any ally unless it is absolutely unavoidably vital for the mission. He will not betray an ally, or kill them unless they betray him or their allies first. He will not betray his village unless he feels the village is behaving unacceptably (ordering the executions of shinobi or villagers who have done nothing to deserve it).

What will get them invested in a fight? What will break their resolve?
It's easy to get Naoki invested in a fight. He will fight to protect others or to accomplish his objectives. He dedicates himself completely to a fight, and it's a large point to Naoki's canon ending that his resolve never wavers once he's set himself to something. No matter how bad or bleak things get, Naoki remains determined and unbroken.

Who are they close with?
Naoki is close with a number of people he went to the academy with. He cares deeply about the jounin he has worked with often, Sephiroth and Kisame. He's good friends with Hinata. He also cares a great deal about his family.

Who do they care most about?
He doesn't show it, but he cares about all the people he's close to, and would be hard pressed to pick any one over the other.

Who do they hate most? Why?
Naoki doesn't have anyone he hates.

What do they have that can be used against them?
His willingness to go to extreme lengths to protect people and complete his mission. He tends to go along with people and do what they ask and not fight over little things. Naoki is a little too trusting and too willing to believe the best in people.

What is most valuable (item) to your character?
Naoki is fond of his sword and a few items that were given to him as gifts, but he isn't extremely attached to any item. They can all be lost or stolen or broken, after all, so people are more important to him.

Who is the most valuable person to your character?
This would be very hard to figure out, he probably doesn't have one who is significantly more important than others.

What is the most valuable ideal/concept to your character?
Loyalty, freedom, and determination. Naoki places great value on loyalty, and on an individual's ability to make their own choices. That may seem odd given Naoki's tendency to go along with whst everyone else decides most of the time, but he doesn't like arguing over small and trivial things. Despite his outward cooperation and agreeable nature, Naoki is completely unyielding over things he feels are important.

What do they want most? physically, emotionally, ideologically, etc
Naoki enjoys making other people happy. He's a quiet but determined person, and while he always works to improve he doesn't have any particular strong drive. He is looking for ways to better utilize his unusual chakra system, and he enjoys the acknowledgement he gets from higher ranking shinobi. His current list of goals involve making jounin and he hopes eventually to be one of the Seven Swordsmen, though he is in no hurry on that front as he has no desire to see any of the current swordsmen die and leave a spot open.

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