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Where is your character formally/officially allied to?
Officially on paper Pengin is a genin of Uzushio and thus is bound by duty to Whirlpool. However officially in spirit Pengin's first and foremost loyalty is to his clan the Maniwa.

What or who actually holds their allegiance?
The Maniwa clan as a whole, but especially the unofficial, but actually are leaders of the clan Houou and Kyoken.

If forced to choose between country and family, what do they choose? Why?
Family because that's pretty much the backbone of the clan motto.

If war breaks out, do they fight? How do they fight?
If it is needed he will, though being a newly graduated genin he may not see action, especially as his skill set is more tuned for information gathering. If he does have to fight he is a long range combatant and uses a metal ball with odd properties that makes it as bouncy as rubber call Juukyuu. In a straight up brawl he's in a lot of trouble.

What kinds of special or unique jutsu do they possess?
Pengin has a bloodline limit called Fate Ruination that is still being perfected. In its current form he pretty much puts a -50 debuff on all projectiles aimed for him, making it a guaranteed miss. Has yet to work out how to make this include mid and short range weaponry, and has no luck at all against hand to hand combat. Aside from this he's pretty much typical genin level in regards to chakra and jutsu.

Do they have any special rank or title or security clearance?

Can they straight-up be bought?
Nope, clan loyalty is too strong in this child.

What are they most willing to give up to win the war?
Being only ten this isn't exactly something that he has any actual concept of. To him as long as his clan is safe then the war could go in any direction. Though he will have worries for non clan kin that he has befriended but most of them are older and far more trained then him in regards to fighting and surviving a war.

What will they not do? What is their breaking point?
Betray his clan. Pengin can't stand to see anyone he considers close hurt or in danger and will try and help them as much as he can. He isn't that hard to figure out in regards to manipulation due to his young age and thus less experience in regards to concept like this.

What will get them invested in a fight? What will break their resolve?
His clan, if getting involved can benefit his clan in anyway he'll jump head first into anything. Losing his clan would shatter the child because his clan is his life.

Who are they close with?
His group leader Umigame who is the closes thing he has to a father figure one can get in a clan that takes the saying "it takes a village to raise a child" literally. He also is close to Houou of the two oldest of the clan, though he hasn't quite reached the age and self worth to truly realize Houou does hold a special spot in his heart for him and it's not just Pengin with a one sided affection.

Who do they care most about?
He would like to say everyone in his clan, but Pengin has an almost puppy crush hero worship of Houou and thus he would do whatever is asked of him to perfection if Houou asked him to do something.

Who do they hate most? Why?
Pengin doesn't really hate anyone as he is only ten and hasn't had a life where such a concept has any real impact on him. The closes thing is his child emotions "hating" anyone that would look down or hurt his clan.

What do they have that can be used against them?
His clan, his inexperience, and age.

What is most valuable (item) to your character?
He doesn't really have an item like that due to the previous nomadic nature of his clan making them instill a sense of not hoarding material items. Juukyuu is important for his ability to be offensive and not just defensive in a fight, but it is not something that would be considered irreplaceable.

Who is the most valuable person to your character?

What is the most valuable ideal/concept to your character?

What do they want most? physically, emotionally, ideologically, etc
His clan to be safe and happy, as well as together since they are currently scattered in various groups around the countries in order to make them less of a target due to their size and the various skills harbored within the clan.

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