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Where is your character formally/officially allied to?
-Neji is a shinobi of Konoha and thus duty-bound to the village and Fire Country.

What or who actually holds his allegiance?
-Obito has his loyalty, and Neji's also pledged his allegiance to Hinata.

If forced to choose between country and family, what does he choose? Why?
-It depends. If it's his team and the two people in all of Hyuuga he counts as family, he'd choose his loyalty to them. If it was Hyuuga in general, he's likely to choose his country over clan.

If war breaks out, does he fight? How does he fight?
-Yes, of course Neji fights. He'll go to the front lines or work from the shadows as directed, utilizing a combination of ninjutsu and lethal taijutsu.

What kinds of special or unique jutsu does he possess?
-Neji's bloodline is the Byakugan, eyes that allow him to see chakra in a 360 degree field of vision, pierce solid objects, and cover long distances.

Does he have any special rank or title or security clearance?
-Yes, Neji is a Jounin ANBU of his village, allowing him clearance to a lot of sensitive information.

Can he straight-up be bought?
-Not with money, no. He has little use for wealth.

What is he most willing to give up to win the war?
-He'd give up his life if it meant winning the war or just protecting the people he loves.

What will he not do? What is his breaking point?
-Neji absolutely refuses to be controlled, would rail against anyone that tried with a violent will edging on insanity. Being so bound to anyone (again) would break him.

What will get them invested in a fight? What will break their resolve?
-Threats to his country, village, teammates, girlfriend, or immediate family would get him invested in any conflict. His own failings or ineptitude would be a harsh blow to his pride and resolve.

Who is he close with?
-Neji's very close to his teammates, father, Hinata and Temari.

Who does he care most about?
-If pressed to choose just one person, Neji would probably go with his father, Hizashi.

Who does he hate most? Why?
-Neji hates the elders of his clan, and thus the majority of the Head Family of Hyuuga for the seals upon the brows of the Branch family, but mostly because of the seal on his father, and how powerless and miserable it made him, made them both. It serves as a constant reminder that they're forever at the mercy of their own clan. More loosely, he hates anyone that abuses their power over others.

What does he have that can be used against him?
-Neji's seal can be used by select members of his clan to inflict great pain or even death. More broadly, he has a relationship with Temari in Sunagakure and thus the alliance between their respective countries is important to him. And of course, the other people he loves are guaranteed to be effective bartering chips.

What is most valuable (item) to your character?
-Neji's not really materialistic, so I can't say. His headband maybe, for it covers his seal?

Who is the most valuable person to your character?
-At the moment, his father.

What is the most valuable ideal/concept to your character?
-Personal freedom.

What does he want most?
-Neji's most desperate wish is for him and his father's seals to be removed.

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