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Where is your character formally/officially allied to?
-Unofficially official, the Blue Mountains in Lightning Country.

What or who actually holds his allegiance?
-His brothers, Dori and Ori. Maybe Thorin and/or Dis if he likes the terms.

If forced to choose between country and family, what does he choose? Why?
-Family. Nori doesn't trust nations and their politics, knows firsthand how fluid they can be. But his brothers he can trust.

If war breaks out, does he fight? How does he fight?
-Nori will fight to protect the Blue Mountains if they're ever under threat. He uses a combination of weaponry, but prefers his knives and sneaking ninjutsu to take down targets. If stealth isn't an option, he'll revert to using his staff/mace combination weapon.

What kinds of special or unique jutsu does he possess?
-Nori doesn't really have any special or unique jutsu, but he's very good at stealth and transformation techniques.

Does he have any special rank or title or security clearance?
-Nope, not particularly- at least not officially. Nori is a thief, mercenary, and part-time merchant smuggler. He does a lot of sneaking and spying.

Can he straight-up be bought?
-Usually. Nori's quite partial to large sums of cash or items of exceptional quality.

What is he most willing to give up to win the war?
-Being mostly impartial, Nori won't particularly care about winning or losing without having some sort of personal stake in it.

What will he not do? What is his breaking point?
-Nori will not betray his brothers for anything. They are both his strength and greatest vulnerability.

What will get them invested in a fight? What will break their resolve?
-He'll fight for his brothers' safety and look after his own best interests if the first isn't a factor. His brothers' deaths would break him.

Who is he close with?
-Nori isn't particularly close to anyone, but he loves his brothers, and Ori especially, to the ends of the earth.

Who does he care most about?
-His brothers, naturally.

Who does he hate most? Why?
-I don't have a solid answer for this yet. He envies the wealthy and adheres to his own moral code, dislikes those that don't, and I'm sure he's got a good number of enemies, but nothing specific to point at.

What does he have that can be used against him?
-His brothers, various crimes, and his real name.

What is most valuable (item) to your character?
-His beard/hair probably. He's kind of vain. Some of the knives on his person have some personal meaning to them as well.

Who is the most valuable person to your character?
-Ori, his younger brother.

What is the most valuable ideal/concept to your character?

What does he want most?
-Nori wants to live a good, long life alongside his brothers, accrue wealth and surround himself with luxuries, and have the freedom to wander the world, taking whatever he wants from it without a care. Unfortunately, not all of that goes hand in hand.

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