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How cheerfully he seems to grin,
How neatly spreads his claws,
And welcomes little fishes in
With gently smiling jaws!

Rumple makes deals. He usually asks you to bargain away part of your soul, in a way, so what he wants to take away in the trade is typically valuable TO YOU or will be valuable/necessary for his plans shortly.
& I Help Them? Yes, Indeed.
So here I'm asking if he may bargain with your character.

NOTE: He very rarely forces someone into a trade. Your character can up and walk away if they haven't made the deal yet. Once you're part of the deal, however, there are very few loopholes you can use to back out of it, so do not enter into a deal lightly. Just remember: Magic ALWAYS comes with a price.

And if there's a plot you can foresee Rumple as part of--either an item or ability yours has that he might have a use for, or something your character so desperately wants--let me know!
What I want from you is... Your Plots.
Additionally, please feel free to let me know of ongoing unrelated plots, because he has his nose in everyone's business (whether they know it or not). I am not nearly as all-seeing as he is, sadly.
Friends on the Other Side.
He also is a seer and can thus predict a little something. In threads, we'll discuss this so that it's probably a case-by-case situation. If you do not want him predicting your character's actions ever let me know in a comment below.

Want to make a deal?

Sometimes Rumple will approach you. Other times, you may want something that only he can provide. If the latter is the case, feel free to comment at his personal contact post and he will see about making arrangements.

In addition to plots, the following are things that might be useful to know for my purposes in approaching your character/s. I'll take anything you're willing to write down for me, as well as information for (a) how Rumple might obtain this information (if he doesn't already know it), (b) if he's allowed to know it, and (c) what he might do with it.
Where is your character formally/officially allied to?
What or who actually holds their allegiance?
If forced to choose between country and family, what do they choose? Why?
If war breaks out, do they fight? How do they fight?
What kinds of special or unique jutsu do they possess?
Do they have any special rank or title or security clearance?
Can they straight-up be bought?
What are they most willing to give up to win the war?
What will they not do? What is their breaking point?
What will get them invested in a fight? What will break their resolve?

Who are they close with?
Who do they care most about?
Who do they hate most? Why?
What do they have that can be used against them?
What is most valuable (item) to your character?
Who is the most valuable person to your character?
What is the most valuable ideal/concept to your character?

What do they want most? physically, emotionally, ideologically, etc

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